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xover365days's Journal

Crossovers 365 days
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crossover icon challenge: make 100 icons in 365 days
Welcome to xover365days!

This community is based on fandom365days and disney365days.

Basically you claim a crossover and make 100 themed icons for it in 365 days (or less, if you are faster). ;-)

A new theme will be posted each day. You have 1 week to make an icon for that theme. After that, the theme is no longer open. Theme posts will stay open from now on. Each icon you post at a theme post counts towards your 100 icons.

Please friend the community for updates!

You do have plenty of time to make your icons, but if you want you can do it within 100 days!
1. You have up to 365 days to finish your claim.

2. Please wait until your claim is approved before replying to a theme post.

3. You can make a claim at any time. You cannot, however go back and make icons for themes that have already been closed. Icons made for closed themes do not count towards your claims icon total. Themes no longer close. You can make icons for any theme posted that you like. If a theme post still say 'closed' just ignore it and post your icon(s) anyway. ;-)

4. You can skip as many themes as you like, but if you don't make an icon within 2 months, we'll assume you're no longer interested and might delete you from the claim list.

5. One icon, per theme, per claim.

6. Noticeably different icons please! Do not use the same manip over and over again to make your icons and pretend it fits for every theme. You may reuse a manip of course, but please not all the time and do change parts of the icon to make it fit a theme.
If you want to make multiple icons from the same manip go check out 10crossovers. That's exatly what that community is about.

7. You can keep track of your 100 icons elsewhere of course (like in a journal entry). However you have to post your icon to the theme post, or it doesn't count towards your total for the challenge.

8. If you want to snag icons you see here, credit is required unless the icon maker clearly states otherwise in his/her post. In addition, please do not hotlink any of the icons and pictures you find here. Comments are very appreciated to let the icon makers know that you like their work.

9. Please remain friendly at all times, no bashing of persons, crossovers or icons will be tolerated!
Other stuff…
This community is run by sarah_jones. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me or comment here.

Thanks so much to nowgold for allowing me to use most of her rules and information from fandom365days! You rock!
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